Peter Van Tilborg and his wife Diana Delgouffe own 3 divisions all operational

in Belgium, The Netherlands and USA, California : : specialized in wrapping luxury vehicles, boats, ... : specialized in Advertising wraps for vehicles : specialized in Interior wallwraps and canvasmaterial


From the outset it was obvious that every customer could safely entrust any project to Peter’s years of experience always guaranteed perfect results.


Those who are familiar with Peter’s career have undoubtedly noticed he also earned his tracks as a manager, always doing business in a way that is as pleasant as it is correct.


Peter has built up his experience in the advertising industry since 1992.


His well-known advertising/lettering company, which started off as a hobby that got out of hand, became quite successful in the Campine area and far beyond.

His first assignments – designing labels for famous cheese brands such as Paschka, Leerdammer, Chaumes, Brie La Bergère … – soon led to larger orders.


His impressive designs, particular style and striking ads caught people’s attention. And not just in Turnhout!


In no time, the small one-person business turned into a company employing 8 people. It moved from the basement of a private residence to a spacious brand new building. No space however for Peter to be passionate about his job as people management and problem solving filled his days.


Late 2009 Peter made a firm decision and started looking for a buyer. What was originally intended to be a nice boost to the company turned out to be one of Peter’s biggest business mistakes. The new owner failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract …


High time to explore new horizons!


Being able to rely on 20 years’ experience, Peter knows the lettering materials like none other. He is familiar with all the properties and possibilities of materials from different brands and knows which material best suits a project.


Combine his expertise with his passion for gorgeous, exclusive and exotic sports cars and it becomes obvious which challenge lay ahead of him.


Starting up, we were the only company in Belgium to solely focus on wrapping!

In the car wrapping world Peter never had any trouble convincing his many – returning – customers of his passion and skills.


2014 Expanding to the Netherlands


2015 Expanding to the USA, California



our Companies

mainly focuses on the

Automotive Industry.

 of 2wrap.  

Wether you want :

  • to turn your car into a real eye-catcher

  • to give your car a rougher or more sportive look

  • to add a touch of class to your car

  • to own an exclusive car


or would you like your car’s interior to mirror your character and taste?

is all you need to turn your vehicle into a sophisticated customized car!


Our services include:

  • complete colour change car wraps

  • custom printed car wraps

  • accent wraps (You’ll be amazed to see what a huge difference they make!)

  • car interior wraps

  • paint protection film application

  • wheel powder coating | Carwrap | California - Westlake Village - Malibu | Belgium - Turnhout | Car wrapping |

mainly focuses on the  Advertising Industry

 of 2wrap.  

Looking for powerful ads that are effective as well?Why not have a look at our services at


You want your company to be noticed. We’ll assist you with design solutions such as subtle lettering, exclusive eye-catching full colour print car wraps, a corporate image, a company logo, advertising columns …


in short:


Everything your company needs 2bwatched! | Carwrap | California - Westlake Village - Malibu | Belgium - Turnhout | Car wrapping |

mainly focuses on the  Architectural Industry

 of 2wrap.  

Do you want to find out about interior wrap applications such as:


  • transforming a blank wall by applying a custom wall print / wall wraps

  • brightening up furniture or bringing a reception area to life using wrap foil


We’re happy to refer you to our business unit that will handle your needs:


You’ll be surprised to see how it will refresh, define and bring harmony to your space!



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