graphic design

graphic design

Together with you, we are laying down the foundations of your business.
We create strong and unique visual identities, logo design, corporate
and advertising material, both for digital and printed purposes. Graphic
design aimed at your target group!

Logo design

Logotype, i.e. the logo, is the foundation of your brand’s identity and the pillar of your visual business. It is considered the most important link of the brand.

Logo design should be the starting point when it comes to the design of the visual identity that all other graphic elements should look at and be in harmony with, both visually and proportionally.

Quality logo design is not simple at all, it should be usable on small as well as large areas, memorable, durable and impressive – because of these facts our creative team of designers, in accordance with your wishes and the market you aspire to, pays attention to the smallest details when it comes to logo design.

Corporate identity design

Whether you already have an established, or just done, logo design – the next mandatory item regarding your visual identity is corporate identity design.

Corporate identity design includes:

Business Card design
Letterhead design
Envelope design
Invoice design
Folder design’s team will invest all their inspiration and energy in creating a unique corporate identity that will be the embodiment of your brand.

Business Card design

If you’ve decided to do just a business card design instead of an entire corporate identity, that’s fine! The business card design, in addition to the letterhead, is one of the most important parts of corporate identity. That’s the place where the most important information about your business such as website, location and contact are.

With us, you can be sure that the information from your business card will be visible and the design striking and unusual!

Flyer, Brochure Design

Your company’s promotional material is just as important as the rest of your visual identity. In order for the visual identity design to complete the flyer design, the brochure design or/and the catalog design must be compatible with the other elements of the visual identity.

The advertising material design must be done in the right way, taking into account that the average attention of a passer-by on the street who takes a flyer lasts only 2 seconds when he looks at the flyer or brochure. If it’s confusing, he won’t read even 2 words in those 2 seconds.

Our team of designers has been designing flyers and other advertising materials for 25 years, which achieves a high conversion rate, both for domestic and foreign markets, fairs…

Vehicle graphics design

Vehicle graphis are most cost effective version of…

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