Buying custom rims every time your vehicle needs a facelift, isn’t a practical solution.

Investing in restyling your wheels can provide an affordable yet eye-catching addition. Car experts have long debated the pros and cons when it comes to painting or powder-coated wheels.

We will advise you what to do best, it just differs in every situation.
That’s why we are here for you!


Depending on the situation and the wheel :

we powdercoat...

we paint...

or we wrap !

We powdercoat

Powder coating has become one of the most popular aftermarket finishes for wheels and parts for good reason: it’s one of the smoothest, most uniform and durable finishes available. And with thousands of different colors and customization options available to make your wheel unique.

-takes 3 to 5 days

We paint

Painting is an alternative of powder coating.
It can be done with more detail like a duotone
or different colorfinishes : Matt, satin or Glossy.

- takes 2 to 3 days

We wrap

Change the wheel, change the feel. Want to accent your wheel without breaking the bank? We can wrap details of your wheels in either a solid color or printed design that is sure to be eye-catching!

Just looking to recondition your wheels? Let's get them powdercoated or sprayed

Some colors

latest projects