• Heras Banners (construction side fence banners) made of various materials
  • Very effective outdoor advertising
  • With Tiribs in six different colors
  • The standard size of 335 x 175 cm
  • This product includes only banner, NOT THE CONSTRUCTION FRAME


Construction fences protect a construction site or event and are extremely suitable as a means of communication. A construction fence cloth minimizes visibility and gives a message maximum attention.

Different quality available
Choose from six different materials for printed site fabrics: Banner 510, Flag, Flag PET, Mesh fabric, ProPES FR or ProPES Outdoor. With the exception of ProPES outdoor, they all have a B1 certificate and are therefore suitable for public areas.
In the spotlight: ProPES FR

ProPES FR has the highest possible color intensity and absorbs the light, which gives a matte appearance. In addition, it is a fire retardant. ProPES is a foldable and light material, so you can easily assemble it and send it compactly.
Ready to use immediately

A Herras-banner is a commercial eye-catcher of approximately 6 m². The canvas has a size of 335 x 175 cm and is finished with rings every 30 cm. By attaching the site cloths with tie wraps you create an optimal end result.


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