Ruben attempts to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness and funding for MS. Today, it is unknown what exactly causes MS. Today, a cure for MS is non-existent.

Through fundraising (BuyAMile & YourNameOnMySail) you can help us find a cure for


Multiple Sclerosis. supports Ruben by Wrapping his sailboat with this eye-catching graphics

We wish Ruben all the best ! 




I attempt to sail solo across the North and South Atlantich Ocean in a sailing yacht of only 6.5 meters in length. If I succeed, I become the first Belgian ever to do so. A challenge on the earth’s most extreme environment. A confrontation between Mother Nature and myself.

I will set sail on the 1st of October 2016. From the port of Nieuwpoort (Belgium) I sail a southerly course to Cape Town (South Africa). Including one pit stop in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil). 

14.852 kilometres – 60 days alone on board – Man vs. Nature – Challenge accepted?


Being healthy! Although it seems normal to most of us, it isn’t. Every day I witness with my own eyes what it means to live with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a paralysis disease caused by a distortion in the central nervous system. The cause of MS however is yet to be discovered, making it impossible to find a cure for MS. My dad has MS.

As time passes people with MS loose more and more control over their own body. With your support we can help doctors find a cure for MS. Help me to support all people living with MS. I challenge you to step on board of SailingChallenge4MS, challenge accepted?


I challenge you to join the SailingChallenge4MS community: 

  1. Support me by liking my Facebook page SailigChallenge4MS

  2. Click on the Challenge Accepted button and:

    • BuyAMile4MS (10 euro) 
      You can buy one or more of my 7818 nautical miles which I will sail. You will receive a message once I have reached your mile. 

    • YourNameOnMySail (10 euro) 
      Write your name on my sail and let me take it 15.000 km across the Atlantic Ocean. 

    • YOU’RECHALLENGED (78,18 euro or 781,8 euro) 
      Do you dare to challenge your employer/ company? I challenge companies to make a contribution to MS if I succeed to set foot ashore in Cape Town.

      The raised money goes to research projects to find a cure for MS. Your contribution goes directly to the MS research project UHasselt (non-profit organisation). 



The raised money goes to research projects to find a cure for MS. Your contribution goes directly to the MS research project UHasselt (non-profit organisation).  

Every contribution makes a difference. Help me tell my story. Your support to forward this campaign to your own network, friends and family is important to make that difference. Welcome on board and thank you!

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